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neuro balance

neuro balance

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Neuro Balance Therapy   Program - Help Revive The Body’s Ability, Mobility, Strength and More Importantly, Balance. It can prevent accidents or risks of falling especially when you suddenly lose your balance.

Neuro-Balance Therapy can improve the health of your nerves.

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Neuro Balance™ Customer Reviews

neuro balance - Review 1

neuro balance - Review 1 Star

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"Like Jane from Florida who says “Once my husband died, I was scared to do things around my house because I was alone and always felt shaky on my feet. It gave me a lot of anxiety even doing the simplest of tasks. But now, I breeze through chores, errands and without the help of my walking cane. I feel so stable and nimble now.”

neuro balance - Review 2

neuro balance - Review 2 Star

Verified Purchase

"John from New Jersey who says “After my scary spill and trip to the ER, I wasn’t myself for over a year. I feared walking down the stairs in my two-story house so I slept on the couch most nights. It felt like I was losing control of my life and that my time was up. But now, I’m back in my bed and that fear is gone."

neuro balance - Review 3

neuro balance - Review 3 Star

Verified Purchase

"Lana from Texas who said “my mom has fallen several times over the last 10 years with numerous injuries. Besides her fear of heights, she’s developed a fear of falling so severe that she was deathly afraid to even sit at the edge of the bed. But thank God for this. It’s given her, her life and freedom back."

neuro balance
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What is Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy, conceived by Chris Wilson, is a pioneering approach aimed at addressing balance issues stemming from inactive nerves in the feet. Chris Wilson, a certified Balance Specialist, developed this innovative therapy to provide a solution for individuals experiencing difficulties with balance and mobility.

As people age, they become more susceptible to neurological problems, which can impair balance and coordination. This impairment often leads to a fear of falling, limiting mobility and independence. Many individuals attribute these symptoms to the natural aging process, unaware that they may be caused by inactive nerves in the feet.

Research suggests that dormant nerves in the feet are a major contributor to balance disorders. Neuro-Balance Therapy targets these dormant nerves, aiming to reactivate them and restore proper function. By doing so, the therapy enhances muscle contraction and improves overall balance, stability, and mobility.

The procedure itself is simple and quick, lasting only 10 seconds. It involves stimulating the nerves in the feet to promote reactivation. Despite its brevity, Neuro-Balance Therapy has shown promising results in helping individuals regain confidence in their ability to move safely and independently.

One of the key benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy is its ability to alleviate the fear of falling. By restoring balance and stability, individuals feel more confident in their ability to navigate their surroundings without the constant worry of tripping or losing their balance. This newfound confidence often leads to increased mobility and a better quality of life.

How Does Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a specialized program focused on enhancing the stability and balance of your feet to prevent sudden falls and trips. This comprehensive approach incorporates exemplary methods utilizing a spike ball, which are to be practiced daily, particularly in the morning.

The therapy includes instructional videos and a series of pictures, primarily targeting the peroneal nerve. These resources emphasize how the nerve interacts with the mind and body to achieve optimal balance, reducing the risk of unexpected slips. The accompanying visuals provide ample information and enable practicing within the comfort of your home.

Emphasizing the strengthening of the peroneal nerve, Neuro-Balance Therapy offers a swift and transparent solution to alleviate the fear of falling, promoting confident movement. Each exercise is designed to be simple and easily comprehensible, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all skill levels to practice at home.

With just a 10-second daily routine, Neuro-Balance Therapy can significantly improve mobility and stability, facilitating free movement without the fear of accidents. The simplicity of the exercises eliminates the need for strenuous gym workouts or specialized equipment, making it convenient for anyone looking to enhance leg muscle strength and achieve proper balance from the comfort of their own home.

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Neuro Balance Therapy - Bonus 1
BONUS #1 -The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home
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The home is where most deadly trips and falls occur. That’s why I’ve decided to create this top 20 checklist to guarantee your home is safe and secure.

Inside, you’ll discover some very unconventional, yet foolproof techniques that enhance your safety and security whether you live with someone or by yourself.

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Neuro Balance Therapy - Bonus 2
BONUS #2 - The Downloadable Version Of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

You see, because shipping times can vary depending where you live, I wanted you to have instant access to the entire program so you can get started right away without having to wait.

That means you’ll receive the entire follow along coaching video series, showing you from soup to nuts what to do each day to achieve rock-solid balance.

Plus you’ll get a digital copy of the Neuro-Balance Therapy manual with more detail about the peroneal nerve and the mind-body connection as well as exercise pictures and descriptions.

Whether you prefer video demonstrations or getting your information from the downloadable manual, you’ll have what you need to get started right away after you order.

Benefits of Using Neuro Balance Therapy

Neuro-Balance Therapy offers a plethora of benefits beyond simply reactivating dormant nerves in your foot. Some of the advantages of this program include:

  • Enables you to start your day with confidence, carrying out daily activities without the fear of falling or tripping.
  • Enhances stability on the ground, facilitating ease in walking and running around your home, fostering a sense of youthful energy and stamina.
  • Restores mobility, strength, and stability to your feet and legs, reducing the likelihood of trips and falls.
  • Provides peace of mind, knowing that you can maintain mobility independently, without relying on others.
  • Allows you to resume enjoyable activities and pursue tasks previously hindered by mobility issues.
  • Revives the peroneal nerve, improving muscle contraction and balance.
  • Features short, simple, and easy-to-follow exercises.
  • Eliminates the need for costly physiotherapy, surgery, or medications.
  • Helps overcome vertigo or dizziness by enhancing control over the nervous system.
  • Produces rapid and effective results, with noticeable changes in less than two weeks of consistent practice, as evidenced by Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews.

Neuro Balance Therapy 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

  60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Neuro-Balance Therapy will be available for you to test out for TWO months. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.5% who are not satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people start seeing a difference in balance and stability within the first two weeks. However, most people start seeing a change much sooner. Every person is quite different, so the rate at which they progress can vary from one to the following user.

Users will only be charged once for access to Neuro Balance Therapy. The total cost is $47, though users will have to pay a delivery charge if they get a physical copy.

No. The only way users can access the program is through the official website, and it won’t be available through other vendors in person or online.

The creators offer a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t get the desired results with Neuro Balance Therapy.

To reach customer service with other concerns or questions, send an email or a call to:
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neuro balance therapy

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